A downloadable game for Windows

Story about an orphan girl who can see things that no one else can see. Unfortunate events starts to unravel as she continues to seek the truth about her family.

AN: Some horror elements here and there. Hope you enjoy the game @w@

This game is originally for the #HorrorFunhouse2017 =w=

All credits are at the end of the game!

Hope you enjoy! ^o^

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Published52 days ago
AuthorMaku Animeda
GenreRole Playing
Tags1-bit, 2D, RPGMaker, Spooky, sprites


Qrown.exe (329 MB)


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Hey there, the only ending I seem to get is the bad ending, any clues to take on-board to acquire another possible ending? :)

Edit: Never mind, found the hidden path. :)

how do you find the hidden passage?

In the maze just before the bad ending, hugs the walls and you'll find the hidden path. (Ensure you didn't give the key back at the start of the game). :)

Thank you so much!!!!