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Hewo! I liked the game very much! And I would like to ask you to make an no RTP version! I would appreciate it!

I was so upset until I came back and re-read how many endings there were. Such a cute game; I very much enjoied it! ♥

Did you make this in VX Ace?

This was really cute and fun to play! [Minus the chasing of the black cloaks ^^']  The concept and system of the whole thing was great! I also like how you showed bits of the epilogue in the bonus! :D


This game was adorable, one complaint I have is that there's no hint telling you to go to the place with the book to get to the true ending.

There  actually is! If you go  to the kitchen in Mewts house,  you can get a piece of meat that you give to one of the civilians and they'll tell you the directions to the grave/placement of the book!

sorry,in the game have a problem,i put in full screen and crash,and my pc is very very,very,muchhhh good

i love it so much,so cute,i loved all in this game,so cuteeeee

This game was really cute! Sad it was a bit short, but fun nonetheless. 

The character design of Ava reminds me a lot of Rin Kagamine :)))

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Very interesting game and story

I'm really happy that the story didn't hang up and I got to see more after the ending.

Hello, I hope you don't mind me making a let's play of this.  

I enjoyed the game quite a lot. The art style, sprites, and some of the tilesets were very cute. The story and lore were pretty interesting, too.

For feedback, the only problems I had were related to minor grammatical errors along with map transfer problems.  

Feedback: The only way to fullscreen is ALT+ENTER but it makes the game crash..